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1. To what extent was Dr. Apollo Milton Obote responsible for his own down fall by 1971?

2. Account for the overthrow of the monarchy in Libya in 1969

3. Assess the impact of neo-colonialism on any one independent West African country.

4. ‘Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was the major factor in the establishment of the organization of African Unity )OAU)’. Discuss

5. Describe the steps taken by Tanzania to attain self-reliance between 1961 and 1980

6. ‘Economic factors were primarily responsible for Katanga’s attempt to secede from Congo.’ Discuss


7.To what extent did Islam promote national unity in senegal between 1960 and 1990?

8. Account for the collapse of the Apartheid regime in South Africa in 1994.

9. Why did Gamal Abdel Nasser expel the British from the Suez Cnal zone in 1956?

10. To what extent did the ex-servicemen influence the development of African nationalism?