1. Explain the influence of tectonic movements on the formation of highlands in East Africa

2. (a)Distinguish between aggradation and degradation

(b)Explain the Davisian cycle of landform evolution

3. Study the photograph provided below and answer the questions that follow

(a)Draw a landscape sketch of the area shown in the photograph and on it, mark and label

(i)Volcanic plug

(ii)saddle (col)

(iii)rock strata


(v)concave and convex slopes

(vi)any one vegetation type

(vii)communication route

(b) Describe the processes responsible for the formation of the stratified rocks in the photograph.

(c)Explain the relationship between relief and communication in the area shown in the photograph

(d)Giving reasons for your answer, suggest an area in East Africa where the this photograph could have been taken.


4. To what extent has longshore drift influenced the development of depositional coastal features in East Africa?

5. (a)Describe how atmospheric pressure is measured and recorded at a weather station

(b)Explain the factors that influence the atmospheric pressure of a place

6. (a)Describe the characteristics of tropical rain forest

(b)Explain the conditions which have favoured the growth of tropical rain forests in Africa

7. To what extent is the nature of parent rock responsible for soil formation in East Africa?