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Paper 1

1. To what extent does the nature of materials ejected influence the formation of volcanic relief landforms?

2. Describe the landforms resulting from chemical weathering in East Africa

3. To what extent has relief influenced the development of drainage patterns in East Africa?


4. Study the photography provided and answer the questions that follow:

a. Draw a landscape sketch of the area shown on the photograph and on it, mark and name

(i) any two physiographic regions


(iii)any two vegetation types

(iv)bare patches of land

b. Giving reasons for your answer, account for the formation of the landform feature found in the middle background

c. Describe the relationship between relief and land use in the area shown in the photograph.

d. Giving reasons for your answer, suggest an area in East Africa where this photograph have been taken

5. (a)Differentiate between normal faults and reversed faults

(b)Account for the formation of East African rift valley

6. (a)Differentiate between annual range of temperature and diurnal range of temperature.

(b)Account for the variations in the temperature experienced in different areas of East Africa.

5. Examine the causes and effects of land and sea breezes in East Africa

7. (a)Describe the characteristics of mangrove forest vegetation

(b)explain the conditions that have influenced the distribution of mangrove forests in East Africa

(a)Distinguish between Azonal and Intrazonal soils

(b)Account for the formation of Azonal soils in East Africa