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Paper 1

1. Explain the influence of earth movements on the formation of lakes in East Africa

2.Account for currency of sea level changes
(b)describe the landforms resulting from a rise in sea level


    3. Study the photograph provided below and answer the questions that follow

    (a)Draw a landscape sketch of the area shown in the photograph and on it, mark and name:

    (i) any two physiographic regions

    (ii)any three forms of landuse

    (b)Describe the influence of relief on landuse in the area shown in the photograph

    (c)Giving evidence from the photograph, explain the problems faced by the people leaving in the area

    (d)Giving reasons for your answer, suggest one area in East Africa where the photograph could have been taken

    4,.a)To what extent has altitude influenced vegetation distribution in East Africa?

    b)With reference to specific examples, account for the formation of the different soil types in East Africa

    5.Examine the relevance of Wegner’s theory of continental drift in explaining the present day position of continents

    6.Describe the weathering processes taking place in the lake Victoria basin of East Africa

    7.What are ocean currents?

    (b)Explain the influence of ocean currents on the climate of Africa

    8.Describe the processes leading to the formation of the following



    (c)orographic rainfall