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 Paper 3

1. For any one fieldwork study you carried out around your school (within a radius of 5 kilometers)

(a) (i)State the topic of the study

(ii)Outline the objectives of the study

(b)Draw an annotated cross-section of the area studied showing physical and human features

(c)Describe the relationship between physical features and human activities in the area studied

(d)Outline the problems you faced when collecting data during the study

2.For any one fieldwork study you conducted on an urban center or town
(a)state the:
(i)topic of the study
(ii)objectives of the study

(b)Draw a sketchmap of the area studied showing the layout of the urban center or town

(c)Describe the conditions that favoured the location of the urban center/town

(d)Explain the effects of the development of the urban center/town on the environment in the area studied

3.For any one fieldwork study you have conducted either as an individual or as a group:
(a)state the:
of the fieldwork study

(b)Describe any three methods you used to obtain information during the fieldwork study

(c)Outline the merits of using the methods chosen in (b) above

(d)Explain the significance of your fieldwork study