We are Live – Happy New Year 2022

We are Live – Happy New Year 2022

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Hello ReviseNow-ers!

It has been a busy 2021 year for us here at ReviseNow as we were trying to change the platform to much interactive one.

As we kept promising the upgrade for the last 2 or more years, we decided to make it a point 2021.

So far what you see is the product of the busy days and nights thus www.revisenow.net NEW!

We currently have only Primary 7 and Senior Four a few topics up but our solution (questions and answer databank has over 15,000 questions and solutions being reviewed by our experienced Examiners.

Please sign up and start to enjoy the FREE ReviseNow as always.

And do not forget to send in any comments, corrections or improvements on any of our platforms or email: study@revisenow.net.

NOTE: There still so much we are rolling out and updating this year for the platform to be where we want it to be. So please bear with us.

Happy New Year and we wish you great read online.

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