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Want to grasp more? - learn how to read fast today

philimon semukasa By: philimon semukasa - Contributor | Blog  |   27/Jan/2022 9162 views 0 comments

Research shows that reading helps increasing more knowledge to the one we already have. To improve our reading we need to have a good state of mind, motivation, and mental frameworks to help us hold ideas.

However, if anyone reads with a purpose, get the reading mechanics right, rehearses as he or she goes along with the reading there are higher chances of understanding very fast the material being read.

As majority of experienced readers agree with me,for you to start reading fast, you need to start

  • Previewing text,
  • Planning the attack,
  • Being mindful,
  • Not reading every word,
  • Writing a summary,
  • Practicing time runs.

I Suggest these comprehension strategies for you.

Skim before you read. 

Skimming is defined as the act of reading quickly with the aim of getting general overview of the material. This helps you to get the underlying structure and bare it in mind as you read the entire book or article.

Turning headlines to questions. 

Reading headings as questions helps you to focus on important main points and details.

Discover outlines of knowledge before you read.

Search for references which are anticipated. For example; usually problems are presented with a thesis, effects follows, then causes, and finally the solution. Worth noting that introduction and conclusions are often repetitive of the internal information.

Do not be Rigid.  

Take as much time as you need to read and understand what you need to learn. All works are not read at the same rate. Those works that seem immaterial you can browse. But those that need your focus you can read slowly like contracts, exams.

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