1. Account for the occupation of Ethiopia by Italy during the 1935-41 crisis

2. Examine the role of the Resemblement Democratique Africain (RDA) in the decolonization of French West Africa between 1947 and 1957

3. Explain the causes and effects of the 1976 Soweto uprising

4. Why did Malawi adopt Multi-Party democracy in 1994?

5. Describe the education reforms introduced in Kenya between 1963 and 1985

6. Explain the challenges faced by any one independent African State in adopting the import substitution strategy of development

7. Assess the achievements of the organization of African Unity (OAU) between 1963 and 1980

8. Why was the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)formed in 1955?

9. ‘Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was primarily responsible for his downfall’. Discuss

10. To what extent were economic considerations responsible for the 1969 coup in Libya?